2012 Fisker Karma
by Dave Stall
2012 Fisker Karma

Well the Fisker-Karma has finally hit the San Diego streets; in fact Marvin K. Brown who is the sole dealer in San Diego has sold 30 vehicles to date.

This is really an amazing car, yes they took government assistance money…but they are spending most of it in the US and in fact they are going to start building the Fisker-Karma and Atlantic in the US, right now they employee over 400 engineers located in Irvine California.  Right now the car is built in Sweden.

So what is the Fisker-Karma?  It is dream come true from two gentlemen, Henrik Fisker and Bernhard Koehler with over 51 years in the automobile design world. Together they have given you the Fisker-Karma.  (Fisker Atlantic is right around the corner)

Fisker-Karma is the first true automobile company to bring a true premium hybrid electric vehicle to market.  With innovative ideas like using reclaimed woods from the bottom of the Michigan Lake and stressed woods from California fires, plus seat cushions are green, and door panels come from the environment and the Fisker Karma is taking its part in giving back to mother earth.  A bonus is they did not skimp when it comes to looks, comfort and performance, 22-inch alloy wheels?

The Fisker-Karma is powered by an electric generator that gets it power from a gas powered four cylinder twin turbocharged engine that produces 400 horsepower, now the pound-foot of torque does not come from the engine, it comes from the generator, and that torque number is outstanding, 995 pound-foot of torque.  No transmission, just electric motors at the rear wheels rated at 4:10 gear ratio.  Check out the solar panel on the roof, biggest in the industry.

The batteries in the Fisker-Karma are mid-mounted lithium ion battery pack with Nanophosphate technology, the battery capacity is 20.1 KWH and the voltage is 336-Volts, on board charger is a 3.3 KWH, it is recommended you opt for the factory home charging system, see dealer for more information.

Performance is controlled with a top speed of 125 and acceleration from 0 to 60 is 6.3 seconds in Sport Mode.  Driving range will vary depending on the terrain.  The electric system can take you as far as 50 miles on the electric supply, then the gas engine kicks in and your range is extended up to an additional 300 miles!  Ned more range?  Fill the 9-gallon fuel tank with pre4mium and your back on the road.  The electric/gas transition is seamless.

Safety, yes, eight air bags, knee bags, side curtain and side seat bags.  Great sound system, Blue Tooth, car ways around 5500 pounds but it drives great, handling is superb, price?  $100,000 plus tax and license, but there are rebates, talk to your dealer.