2012 Jaguar XF Supercharged

by Dave Stall
Jaguar has always stood for luxury, performance but lacked reliability, but today this Jaguar has a new coat of fur, sure it is still luxurious, has tons of performance and reliability is now top of their list. 

In fact this Jaguar is really a sleeper, painted a beautiful Polaris White with Barley Truffle leather interior with custom stitching.  Sit behind the wheel and you will experience comfort from a well built seat to amenities that would make any driver happy, heated and cool seats plus a steering wheel heater.

The interior is done with a touch of elegance, informative but not busy.  The majority of the controls are imbedded in the in dash computer audio/navigation system.  Once you have mastered the steering wheel controls or you are able to navigate through the touch screen you will become one with the car.

What is under the hood?  A 5.0-liter V8 that produces 470 horsepower thanks to a Supercharger that puts you out in traffic in a heart beat, controlled but quick, not bad for a five passenger luxury sedan.  Backed by an electronically controlled 6-speed automatic transmission which delivers the power to the ground with the feel of a race car.  You also get Dynamic Stability Control, Adaptive Dynamics, Active Differential Control, and JaguarDrive Winter & Dynamic Modes.  This is controlled by a panel in the center console.  While I am at the center console a few unique things happen when you push the start/stop button, the vents open and a round knob raises from the console to allow you to shift the jaguar from Park to Drive or S for Sport. 

Once you have driven the Jaguar you will find the shift knob becomes very comfortable and thanks to the key less entry and start just keep the fob on or near your person and keys are not needed.

The tire and rim package are 20-inch Selena Rims, beautiful!  All Season Tires that grip the road in just about any driving condition.  The Jaguar has a back up camera that has safety at the top of the list, one of the features that impressed me were the guide lines in the screen when backing, turn to the left and the guide lines turn with you to keep you clear of obstacles, oh and there is an audible sound to help as well.

Jaguar is also proud to announce their Jaguar Platinum Coverage Plan, what you get with every 2012 Jaguar is a plan that gives you complementary scheduled maintenance, no cost replacement of specific wear and tear items, , new vehicle limited warranty and 24/7 road side assistance for 5 years 50,000 miles which ever comes first!

This Jaguar has everything you would want as a daily driver, shade screen in the rear fantastic sound system, Blue Tooth.
Did I find anything I didn't like?  Fuel mileage was 15 city and 21 freeway, that was ok, I guess I didn't find anything I didn't like! 

Video on KUSI