2012 Maserati GT MC

by Dave Stall
2012 Maserati Gran Turismo MC

If you have never slipped behind the wheel of a Maserati you have been missing a very enjoyable experience.  What is funny is Maserati uses the same components all the other manufacturers do, wheels, suspension, engine, transmission, seats, you get my drift, but the difference between a Maserati and the competition is astounding.
I start with the exterior styling, absolutely gorgeous, from tip to tail, this car flows while sitting still.  Mounted on 20-inch custom wheels with race proven suspension, then we have a 444 horsepowered V8 backed by a paddle shifting 6 speed automatic transmission.  I must stop here, I detest paddle shifters, they are ridiculous, why drive and automatic transmission manually?  Maserati set me straight!  The first thing I noticed is the paddle shifters are mounted on the steering column, not the steering wheel, why is that important?  The Italians have been saying forever, "You never shift while turning, so why do you need the paddles moving with the steering wheel"?  Well the positioning of the paddles made me a believer, I drove this car in manual mode the whole time I drove it and had a blast!  One of the other bonuses of paddle shifters is the exhaust sounds, exhaust you say, why does that have anything to do with a transmission shifting?  You will have to take one out and see for yourself, the "blip" it does when down shifting will make the hair stand up on your arms.  With paddle shifters you have complete control of this car in and out of turns, hills and open road.
Moving inside you will enter a room of luxury fitting for a Italian Mark well deserving of its heritage and racing prowess.  Speaking of prowess the MC stands for Maserati Corsa, this is their racing division and what you get if you opt for the MC is incredible, reworked aerodynamics, single rate suspension, (Unbelievably smooth yet firm) up-graded 4.7-liter V8, sport exhaust, carbon fiber interior treatment, door sills, dash, console and steering wheel, front bumper with integrated splitter, side skirts, hand formed hood, steel body for strength and rigidity, integrated lip spoiler mounted on the trunk lid, new fenders with trailing edges and air outlets.
There is a lot more information but space is limited and I want to tell you about the trip to Borrego Springs in first the convertible, yes it was hot, but what a ride through the mountains, this is where the Maserati shines, diving in and out of the turns, the long flat stretches where you can stretch you legs!  Yee Haa!
Stopped for lunch at Carlie's and then into the coupe MC and back to San Diego.
This car handles the turns like a pro yet even though it has single rate suspension it drove live a dream on the open road, I found nothing wrong with this car, even the price for what you get is doable, base non MC is $126,500 add the MC package and you jump to $143,850 plus tax and license.
If you go to You Tube and search Mr.Davestall you will see the video I did on KUSI.
Video on KUSI